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Such an enjoyable and impeccable production!
A City Of Angels 4/3/94 London Nice filming for an older show.
A You're A Good Man Charlie Brown 2/9/73 TV Live Action Originally aired on NBC starring Wendell Burton, Ruby Persson, Barry Livingston, Mark Montgomery, Noelle Matlovsky, Bill Hinnant.
Black and white, with a fair bit of generation loss and no extreme close-ups, but still quite watchable.
A decent capture of the code promo sw ruesch show.B The Producers 11/4/01 Broadway Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman.Chicago's first dance/bar to intergrate dance videos as part of the mix.Both Jake and Ruth were terrific in their roles!

A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1/1/13 Broadway Scarlett Johansson, Benjamin Walker, Ciaran Hinds, Debra Monk, Emily Bergl, Tanya Birl, Will Cobbs, Jordan Dean, Vin Knight, Michael Park, Brian Reddy, Lance Roberts, Cherene Snow.
Terrific and stunning cast.
Mammoth warehouse club near midtown that attracted the best house dj's and celebs upstairs in the vip floor - vogue-ing was big up there and roger sanchez would tear it up downstairs.
Great video for the first act, lots of closeups and lots of applause.
Songs include: Gorgeous, Popular, Goin To The Dance Tonight, Boy, If, Taylor, The Latte Boy, Youre Easy To Dance With, The Girl In 14G, Italian Street Song, Love Somebody Now, How Can I Lose You?, Run Away, Show Me The Way, Glitter And Be Gay.Coleman as (u/s) Squeak.No real closeups, but works for this show. .Always packed with celebrities, straights and fashion-minded young gay preppies.Ocasional bar at the bottom of screen, but nothing disctracting, from the master.Saw The Smiths 'How Soon Is Now' and Cabaret Voltaires 'Sensoria' whilst tripping to some 4 way sid for the first time ever.Beautiful capture of this sentimental show about a simple releationship that is very sweet.This is very rare and all three acts are in color, however there is a faint buzzing in some parts of second half, but nothing too distracting.