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Selective catalytic reduction system

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption is measured as a ratio of diesel fuel use, normally termed the "dosing rate" or "treat rate".
Industrial reactors edit Catalytic hydrogenation is done in a tubular plug-flow reactor (PFR) packed with a supported catalyst.
One such system for reduction of ketones consists of tert -butanol and potassium tert-butoxide and very high temperatures.
Thus, a carefully chosen catalyst can be used to hydrogenate some functional groups without affecting others, such as the hydrogenation of alkenes without touching aromatic rings, or the selective hydrogenation of alkynes to alkenes using Lindlar's catalyst.Expert verlag, Renningen bon de reduction showroomprive 2017 2007, isbn,. .A b Atkins, Peter.In the short-term it may also cause the sensors to believe the truck's DEF tank is empty and prompt a de-rating event, which reduces engine power and eventually prevents the engine from restarting.Does DEF evaporate, and what happens if it does?These reactants, which can also serve as solvents for the reaction, include hydrazine, dihydronaphthalene, dihydroanthracene, isopropanol, and formic acid.Deshalb wird das Gemisch zwischen stöchiometrischem und leicht fettem Verhältnis geregelt.Using a lower-quality fertilizer urea will cause degradation of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, eventually causing the truck to break down.Die dazu nötige Betriebstemperatur (500 C) wird. .Als cadeau de noel facile a faire pour les parents Nachrüstlösung (primär für ältere Fahrzeuge mit serienmäßiger Euro-1-Einstufung) bieten sich sogenannte Aufrüstkats.

Er besteht aus porösem Aluminiumoxid (Al2O3) sowie aus Sauerstoffspeicherkomponenten, wie zum Beispiel Cer(IV)-oxid, und dient der Vergrößerung der Oberfläche.
Ist die Aufnahmekapazität des Katalysators erschöpft, so wird seitens der Motorelektronik kurzzeitig ein fettes, reduzierendes Abgasgemisch eingestellt (circa zwei Sekunden lang).
Early work on transfer hydrogenation: Davies,.The general sequence of reactions is assumed to be as follows or a related sequence of steps: binding of the hydrogen to give a dihydride complex via oxidative addition (preceding the oxidative addition of H2 is the formation of a dihydrogen complex LnM H2 LnMH2."Catalytic Hydrogenation of Carboxylic Acid Esters, Amides, and Nitriles with Homogeneous Catalysts".Keep up with the latest happenings from Astra Vehicle Technologies.Diesel is less dense than DEF and will float on top of the DEF in the tank, but even small amounts of diesel can damage your SCR system and we recommend that you contact your dealer immediately and do not drive the vehicle.Different catalysts can operate over different temperature ranges.DEF can also be bought at the pump from Pilot Flying J, Love's Travel Stops and other truck stop chains.Motornaher Katalysator der.

Homogeneous catalysts dissolve in the solvent that contains the unsaturated substrate.
Dort reagiert der Harnstoff mit den Stickoxiden im Abgas am SCR-Katalysator in einer Redox-Reaktion zu elementarem Stickstoff (N2) und Wasser.