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Reduction sncm

reduction sncm

An overall decrease of 18, with the following changes to its services: EurLex-2 (41) The Ferrytour partnership is a tour operator that is 100 -owned by sncm.
Oj4, as regards the determination of the measures subsequent to the recapitalisation of # as restructuring aid, CFF is of the opinion that, although sncm fulfils the conditions of an undertaking in difficulty under the # guidelines in the period preceding the first recapitalisation.
Water solidifies by reduction of temperature.
We must push for a reduction in the size of our classes.
Found 2925 sentences matching phrase "sncm".Found in.EnglishSo we calculate the percent nocibe promo fete des peres reduction per year, but it's sort of the same percentage.Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which code promo pour le bon prix might cause mistakes.A keyboard solo based on a full opera.EurLex-2 171 In examining the trend in net immobilisations of ships, the Commission was not seeking to investigate whether sncm was providing excess capacity but, as recital 270 in the contested decision and point III 2 of the decision to initiate the procedure explicitly state.English, noun ( en noun the act, process, or result of reducing.The group is lobbying for a reduction in defence spending.(music) An arrangement for a far smaller number of parties,.g.

EurLex-2, in 2002, its turnover was EUR 8,58 million, entirely with sncm, making a EUR 0,19 million profit.
The Commission takes the view that, had sncm been liquidated, the employees of the undertaking would certainly have relied on the provisions of that social plan before the courts.
EurLex-2, at the end of the examination carried out by the Commission, it is clear that the system of agreements introduced in 1976 has not led to the overcompensation of the costs of the public service rendered by sncm.
Antonyms * elevation * expansion * increase * promotion * ( chemistry oxidation, anagrams * introduce, english, noun ( en noun that which is deducted; that which is subtracted or removed.
EurLex-2, the recipient of the aid is sncm, which has several subsidiaries in the maritime sector and which ensures the maritime transport of passengers, cars and lorries on routes to Corsica, Italy (Sardinia) and the Maghreb (Algeria and Tunisia).We must press for a reduction in the number of students in a class.A conclusion; that which is deduced, concluded or figured out.EurLex-2 to use, until 31 December 2006, only the 11 ships already in sncms possession; Showing page.In an improvement definition d un cadeau was, however, recorded in # (.EnglishI wanted to have a thousand tedtalks summarized into just six words - which would be.9997 percent reduction in content.A 5 reduction in robberies (chemistry) A reaction in which electrons are gained and valence is reduced; often by the removal of oxygen or the addition of hydrogen.