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Reduction beurre

Examples, examples of reduction, these examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.
Non-reduced unstressed vowels are often retained in: 1) compound words (blackboard 2) borrowings from other languages (kolkhoz).
Stressed words are pronounced with greater energy of breath.
We must push for a reduction in the size of our classes.Three different types of reduction are noticed in English.Stressed words are pronounced with great energy of breath.The results show the potential for considerable reductions in blood use.You can easily.Sometimes they are even dropped in fluent speech, eg factory.From, cambridge English Corpus, the unequal distribution of benefits resulted in member states failing to implement agreed tariff reductions and preferential trade access agreements.Polysyllabic prepositions followed by a pronoun at the end of a phrase are stressed as rule (Have a look under it).3) in contracted negative forms (I dont dount know the man.).Palatalization is the process of softening of a consonant before front vowels, when the front part of the tongue is raised to the hard palate.

P, t, k in initial position in a stressed syllable are accompanied by aspiration,.e.
Vowels in unstressed form-words in most cases undergo both quantitative and qualitative reduction.
Vowels in unstressed form-words in most cases undergo both qualitative and quantitative reduction (tu:-tu-t).
Reduction is a historical process of weakening, shortening and disappearance of vowel sounds in unstressed positions.2) at the beginning of general and alternative questions in careful colloquial style (Can kæn you get it by tomorrow?From, cambridge English Corpus, the system also allows partial reductions of cell formulas and unbound variables.These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.Reduction is a historical process of weakening, shortening or disappearance of vowel sounds in unstressed positions.From, cambridge English Corpus, we conjecture that this approach can be adapted code promo orchestra 2017 and generalised in order to handle term-graphs and to simulate term-graphs reductions.From, cambridge English Corpus, neither the smaller wet weight reductions nor the higher temperatures were effective in this test in extending longevity of the hydroprimed seeds.It should be remembered that English consonants (except ) are not palatalized, but before front, close or mid-level vowels they are a bit clearer than before back vowels.Non-reduced unstressed sounds are often retained in: (a) compound words, eg blackboard, (b) borrowings from the French and other languages, eg kolkhoz.