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Coupon rabais restaurant scores

coupon rabais restaurant scores

We've seen "Airplane House Boat.
It was many years later that the derelict plane was purchased and moved to its new location." (images credit: Scott ) A plane inside a restaurant might be a better idea.
The US government had purchased and was running two of these planes.Then the unique (and often historic) aircraft is spared the wear and tear and spilled food from many customers, plus it's protected from weather elements."quantum shot" #560, link - by, jon Dunbar and.Here it is shown being disassembled before reaching Korea - and a Boeing employee talks about its history : (image credit: Duncan Stewart then Humpty Dumpty was put together again, to host the hungry customers and thirsty bar drinkers.Abrams, the first Jumbo Jet to be flown commercially - rusting away, haunted by kitchen smells.Airliners used as restaurants seem to be quite popular in South Korea: there is one in Daegu, and here is another on in Mokpo: (image via Cary, more info ) One more aircraft "cafe" was one time in Seoul, but is gone now (more info.

Conversions now it's time to check out converted-aircraft eating establishments - which lure customers inside the decommissioned planes (in hope to distract them from the quality of food?) Anyway, one such super-fast-jumbo-sized joint apparently is not in use any more: all images copyright, jon Dunbar.
On approach, one can see the apartment buildings, which in Suwon look somewhat like milk cartons: Here it is, a strange sight in the neighborhood.
It clearly was closed up very quickly and now just sits next to a railway wasting away.Jon says: "Thanks to the helpful people.This is somewhat surreal shot: it almost looks like this Jumbo 747 landed on a poor little building, which still tries to be cheerful with all these painted Pokemons and a satellite dish: The jet engines don't look very authentic, however: Look at its proud.When the one that sparked concours minefi the Iran Contra affair was shot down this one was abandoned at the San Jose airport in Costa Rica.One restaurant owner in Switzerland - map - decided to put an old Russian Ilyushin-14 into his restaurant and called code promo amazone prime it "Runway 34" : (images credit: Runway 34 ) continue TO "airplane houses" - Also Read: Ghost Rides: code promo gratorama Abandoned Parks in South Korea Permanent Link.

When airliners fall into disrepair, they spawn some unusual-looking mushroom growth on their wings.
Leading to the Iran Contra scandal and investigation of Reagan administration' involvement - for the full info and directions to get there click here update: Andrew Hoskin writes: "Actually, this is the sister to the plane that got shot down.