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Code reduction variations creatives

Run this before the main mod: nvariants.7z, also on Steam: m/sharedfile./?id368672827, it reduces unit variation for Roman and Hellenic units and skins/armors.
Seems strange.
Giga-fren, they can provide a foundation for assessing and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of health care in terms of measuring improved health, reduction of variation in services or procedures performed, and reduction of variation in outcomes of health care delivered.
Found 548 sentences matching phrase "variation reduction".Found in.THk you very much for this fabulous mod and your work!Well, it can't hide forever - one day we will overhear.".Version that reduces variation for all factions: we are working on the graphics performance some users are experiencing.Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes.I hope you will correct this problem too.It doesn't remove any actual units from their respective rosters, if that's what you're worried about.January 04, 2015, 02:22 PM #11 Re: Official Submod Reduced Variation for Improved Graphical Performance Thanks dresden for the fix solutions, but I still get lag if i use my original graphical settings from dei.96.EurLex-2, without prejudice to the procedure for the resolution of national disputes laid down in Article laura kent code réduction 26(1 national regulatory authorities shall have procedures in order to address situations where organisations providing fixed public telephone networks and/or fixed public telephone services, or at least those organisations.It is very strange in that it seems to be on varying machine setups and is not experienced by many users.This made for a more unique armies (IMO but seems to have caused performance issues for some.

Well I thank You for this ; it really Helped A lot!!!!
January 04, 2015, 02:34 PM #12 Re: Official Submod Reduced Variation for Improved Graphical Performance Also just tried steam version and its unplayable for me at the moment.
This is where the Variations menu comes.Eurlex-diff-, this item shall be reported as a positive amount if the variation is negative (reduction of other technical provisions leading to a profit) or as a negative amount if variation is positive (increase of other technical provisions leading to a loss).Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with the teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit into Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day January 05, 2015, 04:29 PM #17 Re: Official Submod Reduced Variation for Improved Graphical Performance Yeah.Giga-fren, budget variations include reductions of Sfr4,487,000 for flexibility adjustements and reductions of Sfr5,113,000 for supplementary adjustments.January 04, 2015, 07:47 PM #15 Re: Official Submod Reduced Variation for Improved Graphical Performance Originally Posted by HarkonRules How bizarre.Hm I am not sure about the noise thing.

Edit: installed the reduced all factions.pack, loaded a savegame with (admittedly sort of ridiculous) 2 stack vs 4 stack battle that was giving me a 10 FPS slideshow.
Sometimes when we are editing and color correcting a photograph, we realize that a photo could use a little something, or that a color is off, but we cant figure out where we need to make the adjustment to get the look that we want.