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Large Japan made patch, quire ( also in tisf concours 2018 the VAW-13 section ) Squadrons in CVW-2 on this Cruise USS ranger (CVA-61) with CVW-2 November 4, 1967 - May 25, 1968: VF-154, F-4B VF-21, F-4B VA-22, A-4C VA-165, A-6A VA-147, A-7A rvah-6, RA-5C VAW-115, E-2A VAH-2 Det 61, KA-3B HC-l Det 61, UH-2A UH-2C VAW-13 Det 61, EKA-3B VAP-61 Detachment, RA-3B Heavy Attack Squadron-3 code promo kana ( VAH-3) ( ) Reconnaissance Heavy Attack Squadron-3 ( rvah-3) "SEA dragons".
( Both of these VAH-4 DET Bravo patches are from the same Aviator as the above listed Squadron patch ) VAH-4 DET-B, RFU, soiled and border damage from normal wear on a work jacket, quire DET bravo patch with the VAH-4 insignia hanging from the Torrii Gate, quire - - - - VAH-4 DET Echo "bull - shooters" onboard Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) Backpatch for Heavy Attack Squadron Four, Detachment Echo, made in Japan, quire - - - - partial History Commissioned as Patrol Squadron 931 (VP-931) active from 19 flying P-2V Neptunes Redesignated Heavy Attack Squadron 4 (VAH-4) circa 1956 and Transitioned to A-3 Skywarriors Redesignated T actical Electronic Warfare Squadron 131 (VAQ-131) circa November 1968 Transitioned to the EKA-3 Skywarriors Received EA-6B Prowlers in 1971 VAH-5 to rvah-5 Era Grouping hatron five -Heavy Reconnaissance Attack Squadron Five ( 4 patches from one Veteran ) VAH-5 "savage sons Japan made "Mushmouth worn from 1955.
E-2B.listed VFP-63 DET-3 Eyes of the Fleet.In September 1958 the chicoms started shelling the Quemoy Islands and the Essex was ordered to transit the Suez Canal to join the 7th Fleet off Taiwan.( sold ) VA-25, Lightning Bolt, PI made, quire - - - - partial History VA-65 Redesignated Attack Squadron twenty five (VA-25) July 1, 1959 Redesignated Strike Fighter Squadron 25 (VFA-25) July 1, 1983 Attack Squadron-27 (VA-27) "royal maces" - - - - Variations VA-27, Japan made, quire VA-27, made in Japan, quire - - - - VA-27 made in Japan with Issue VA-27 Arc/Tab see CVA-34 section for other patches in the circa Veteran's Grouping RFU, pucker above scroll on right side, quire - - - - VA-27 "CNO Safety "S" Grampaw Pettibone Award" "battle" "chargers" is VFA-27's nickname that was officially adopted January 24, 1991 - early use of the new nickname(?) quire 1986 "E" "chargers quire - - - - partial History On VA-27 (the "Royal Maces transitioned to the F/A-18 Hornet and were officially Redesignated the " Chargers" of Strike Fighter Squadron 27 (VFA-27) VA-34 "Blue Blasters" nd VA-34 era, larger size Japan made patch made in Japan, "VA-34 Saratoga" printed on reverse, UnUsed.( sold ) - - - - made in Philippines Islands, quire faint stain on upper-right, quire.Decommissioned in October 1979 rvah-9 (Reconnaissance Heavy Attack Squadron Nine) "hoot owls" (hooters) Flew RA-5C Vigilantes circa 1964 to 1977 Collector's ID on reverse, Made in USA in the 1960s, embroidered on blue twill, gauze backing material, quire - - - - partial History Commissioned VC-9 at NAS Sanford, FL January 15, 1953 flying TBMs/P2V; later received AJ-1s and P2V-3s; Deployed to Port Layautey, Morroco in 1954 Redesignated VAH-9 in November 1955 hooters" unofficial name) deployment on the USS ticonderoga (CVA-14) circa December to May of 1956 Received A-3 "Skywarriors" in January 1957; flew in the 1958 Labanon Crisis from the USS saratoga (CVA-60) Began transitioning to RA-5C Vigilantes" in April 1964; Redesignated rvah-9 (Reconnaissance Heavy Attack Squadron Nine) in June 1964 Flew 2 x Combat Tours (December 1965 - August 1966; October 1968 - May 1969) from the USS ranger (CVA-61) Relocated to NAS albany, GA (date unknown Relocated in January 1974 to NAS KEY west, Florida Decommissioned in September 1977 Heavy Attack Squadron-10 (Squadron active ) Redesignated VAQ-129 September 1, VAH-10, DET-42 "1966 "yankee team" "GET hosed" ( Early use of pelon backing material - I have traced pelon backing to 1963-used on a dated.S. . The Squadron covered the first landings and flew border reconnaissance sorties.Attack Squadron-125 ( VA-125) "Rough Raiders" RVN era small atkron-125 patch, made in Japan, quire - - - - partial History of three Attack Squadrons that were designated VA-125 The first began as Reserve Attack Squadron fifty five E (VA-55E probably Established in 1946 Remained in an InActive status until Redesignated VA-923 ( Reserve) in January 1950 Redesignated VA-125 February 4, 1953; Disestablished April 10, 1958 The 2nd unit originally known as the "Skylanchers" was Established VA-26 June 30, 1956 Redesignated VA-125 Rough Raiders April 11, 1958 (day after the first VA-125 was Disestablished) flying F9Fs from NAS Moffett Field, CA In July 1961 VA-125 relocated to Reeves Field, NAS Lemoore, CA flying A-4s until the fall of 1969 In September 1969 the "Rough Raiders" received A-7 Corsair IIs The end of the War in SEA caused a RIF (reduction in force) and VA-125 was Disestablished October 1, 1977 The current VFA-125 "Rough Raiders" were Established November 14, 1980 at NAS Lemoore, CA becoming the Navy's first F/A-18 unit VFA-125 Disestablished October 1, 2010; Assets were Incorporated into VFA-122 attack squadron-127 Japan made VA-127, made in Japan, quire D - VA-127 Navy Jumper with 'vietnam' Liberty Cuffs ( Terrible pictures dark blue does not shoot.The first Redcock aviators flew the F8F Bearcat.Missions, (Patch is white on the front and cream on the back - not a very good picfile but that will have to do (won't fit on the scanner quire (stored in the Blood Chit drawer) - - - - spads forever!

Still have my flight jacket with: VAW-114, VAW-112, CVW-11, CVW-2, USS Ranger Bi-Centenial cruise, Kitty Hawk WestPac '75, and WestPac 73-74 patches.
From another Veteran "Having been at NAS NI as an E-2B Flight Tech, the swap over to the Hormel Hawgs patch was during CDR Ace Drivers tour.
3506BP - Attack Squadron 22's double-sided Squadron Flag, 32 V) x 36 Horizontal for it's age it has average stains and fading, the free-edge has been resewn by the riggers(see closeup below hardware and cotton line must have been appropriated from the Governmentheavy duty items.
My thought on this design with the missile; probably after they received air-to-air missiles(?)."hatron thirteen RFU, Used.( sold ) - - - - hatron thirteen (VAH-13) Commissioned January 3, 1961 flying A3D-2 Skywarriors and Assigned to CVG-11 Deployed on USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) departing Norfolk July 1, 1961 VAH-13 Transferred to the Pacific Fleet and Relocated to NAS Whidbey Island, WA in 1961 The "bats" Deployed on the USS Kitty Hawk several times from 1962-July 1962 Re-located back to NAS Sanford, Florida in August 1964 and Transitioned from the Douglas A3D Sky Warrior to the North American RA-5C Vigilante Redesignated from Heavy Attack Squadron Thirteen to rvah-13 November 1, 1964 VAW-13 Detachment Delta Grouping from 1960-61 I think this DET was known as the "zappers" USS Coral Sea (CV-43) Far East Cruise 9/19/60 - 5/27/61 All patches removed from a G-1; most are Japan.Redesignated Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron twelve ( VAW-12 ) In 1956 flying the AD Skyraider "Guppy" model.Decommissioned February 1, 1959 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida(DeComm date may be circa March 1959).F-4J.listed VF-194 ( * ) Red Lightnings.) fasron-112 partial History fasrons were known as casus during wwii; Redesignated fasrons in 1946 fasrons were assigned to Air Stations fasron-112 was Established in April 1949 and Assigned to NAS Whidbey Island; Disestablished in June 1959 ( CVG-8 and fasron-112 are also on their respective pages ) VA-85 Grouping will sell seperate small cap/beret patch for Attack Squadron 85, RFU, quire large, RFU, puckered on border, quire Attack Squadron-86 ( VA-86) Vietnam made "Beercan DI" Flew SEA Missions for several months to include Operation Linebacker/Linebacker II small metal Pinback(PB) insignia, quire - - - - Partial History for the RVN Era VA-86 flew it's first Combat Mission in SEA on July 1, 1965 while onboard the USS Independence VA-86 transitioned to the A-7E model and went to SEA for the 2nd time deployed aboard the USS Coral Sea September 1969 to July 1970 Deployed from June 1972 - March 1973 to SEA again onboard USS America (CV-66) flying Operation Linebacker and Linebacker II Missions Attack Squadron-87.EA-3B ( * ) disestablished March 1, 1978 Attack Squadron VA-115, Japan made, quire - - - - VA-115 "Eagles" Official Attack Squadron of the 1988 Summer Olympics made in the PI, quire Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE ONE SIX (VAW-116) "SUN kings" VAW-116, quire - - - - partial History On April 20, 1967 VAW-116 was Commissioned and Equipped with E-2Bs Served with Carrier Air Wing 9 and 15 on Far East Cruises Transferred to Attack Carrier Air Wing 8 in July 1975 Transitioned to the E-2Cs in 1980 Attack Squadron-122 (VA-122) VA-122, Japan made, quire VA-122, Asian made(?) with 1970s plastic backing, quire - - - - VFA-122 Fleet Replacement Squadron for FA-18 Hornets at NAS Lemoore, CA Merrowed-edge, quire cut-edge, quire - - - - Flying Eagles RFU, quire Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron-122 (VAW-122) "steeljaws" Never seen one of these - may be UnCommon VAW-122, 1993 Around the Horn onboard the USS Constellation (CV-64) in CVW-2, quire - - - - partial History Commissioned April 1, 1967 and equipped with E-2A/B/C Hawkeyes; did service in SEA during the War; flew anti-drug Missions Dis-Established March 30(31 1996.

Relocated to Breezy Point at NAS Norfolk, Virginia in 1962.